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Retire Rich With Dividends

Discover how to unleash a steady flow of work-free income... deposited directly into your account.

Act now or risk missing the next “payday”...

Dear Reader, 

Did you know you could be eligible for “work-free paycheques”...

Each deposited directly into your account, automatically, for as long as you want..?

Think of it as “get paid while you sleep” money.

You won’t work for a cent.

And you don’t have to stop there.

You can keep tapping this stream of passive “paycheque” income for as long as you like!

Some people who do this retire early. Others pile the money on top of what they’ve already socked away, speeding up the growth of their nest egg.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do; you’ll get paid either way.

In fact, you can arrange for your first cheque to arrive just months from today. Possibly sooner, if you act quickly on what I’m about to show you.

How you spend your windfall is up to you:

Put the money aside. Or put the extra cash towards a new car... a vacation you’ve always wanted to take... tech toys for your lounge... or save it up for your retirement.

But whatever you do, you have to start somewhere.

Which is why I’m writing to you today about a very unique opportunity that most South Africans largely ignore. It’s a chance for you, and anyone you care about, to tap into what could be a lifetime of endless income.

Money you earn without thinking about it.

Using the same simple secret that some of the world's and South Africa’s wealthiest investors have used not just to get very rich, but also to stay rich and get even richer, no matter what’s happening in the grand economy or even on the JSE.

This is not a “hot tip” headline secret.

It’s not even something most South Africans even think much about. Or at least not something they’ve thought about much until recently, now that so many other options have run out.

What I’ll show you below is how to open up a flow of this endless stream of income, directed straight into your bank account.

How easy is it to get this started?

This may be the best part...

“[This strategy] is the hidden key... [if more people did this], you would see a nation of happy investors whistling their way toward retirement.” - Lowell Miller, 3-time author and CNN commentator

One of the best aspects of this is how easy it is to set up.

About five minutes on the phone with your broker. And that’s it.

No running to your computer screen at every market blip.

No taking notes or getting a ball in your throat every time the mainstream media flog amateur investors with the latest headlines.

No lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling.

No anxious ticker tracking, phone dialing or running back and forth to the fax machine or your e-mail inbox.

All you do is wind up what I like to call the “paycheque portfolio” approach I reveal to you below... and let it do its thing.

In fact, it’s the perfect tool for today’s manic markets regardless of whether we’re in a recession, a market crash or even a recovery.

And don’t think you need a fortune to make this work. Because I can prove to you that’s not the case.

How so?

I’ll show you how to use this same strategy not only to collect regular work-free “paycheques” but, to quickly make the size of those cheques grow over time, automatically.

And for thousands of South Africans very much like you.

The cash hoard companies would love to park in your bank account

Right now, you’ll find there are millions of rands in cash out there, just waiting to get carved up and sent out in the form of passive “paycheques”.

You could be one of the South Africans to discover this secret.

This process is much simpler than what's used by most amateur stock traders, futures players or even gold, property or other kinds of investors...

It’s true – some of the fat-cat investors who do this have special access to this cash pool...

And get paid handsomely for it!

But after discovering just how many rich families and well-known investors did this with their money... to successfully build wealth in all kinds of markets...

I put my own analytical skills to the test and boiled down the whole process of finding the same kinds of opportunities.

And I’ve written a brand-new that shows help you find the safest, most reliable, yet highest-paying streams of passive income. Money you can count on to keep working for you, even if the rest of the financial world is tanking. Even if other investments look like they’re stuck in the mud.

This report is called Retire Rich With Dividends. And It shows you how to collect income cheques within just a few months of reading this letter.

Once you get the ball rolling, this can start happening surprisingly fast. Hundreds of rands every six months, even every quarter. Thousands of rands. Even hundreds of thousands of rands, just piling up in your account.

As you’ll see in my new e-report, it’s up to you how involved you want to be in the beginning. You can start with very little. And you can take this to any level you need.

Some who do this might make R1,500-R2,000 extra biannually... early on. With that amount growing by as much as R5,000... R8,000... R10,000 or even R15,000 extra, simply by doing what I show you in this e-report.

It can be an extra “safety net” for you.

It can even be a “lifestyle upgrade”.

As you’ll see, your copy of Retire Rich With Dividends leaves the decision up to you.

Even better than just the steps, however, are the SIX specific “paycheque portfolio” opportunities I lay out for you in the e-report. Not all income-cranking moves are created equal.

The six I show you in Retire Rich With Dividends represent months of research to help you find the best possible moves you can make right now to increase your steady flow of passive income... with the least amount of risk.

You’ll read about each of these moves. And then I’ll show you exactly how to turn each of them into “paycheque” paying plays that’ll feed directly into your account in the months and years ahead.

It’s that simple.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside...


PayCheque #1:

This share has paid dividends to shareholders 170 times!

And even better, since 2000, it’s grown dividends every year, except one – 2009.

Take a look below…

A R100,000 investment back in 2000 would’ve netted you R264,217 in dividends alone today!

If you include its share price growth since 2000, you would’ve made over a million rand investing in this one share!

In 2019, it’s already declared a 366c dividend (an increase of 7.4%), which was paid to investors on 8 April. And I expect plenty more pay-outs to come.

It’s the perfect share to grow your retirement portfolio. 

It has a 95-year track-record of staying business, it’s extremely profitable and it consistently pays you dividends -  all the right qualities to grow your wealth.


PayCheque #2:

This company has consistently grown dividends since 2006!

In 2018, this share paid a whopping R812 million to shareholders in dividends. But that’s just one year. The company has consistently paid and increased its dividend since 2006!

What’s more, over the same period, its shares have soared from around R11 to over R200 today – that’s over 1,600% in growth!

That means, a R100k invested back in 2006 would’ve turned into over R1.6 million in growth and over a R194,000 in dividends alone. This is definitely one dividend-payer you want to own in any market condition.


A lifetime of income awaits you

My name is Joshua Benton. I’m the Managing Editor and Investment Analyst for Real Wealth and the South African Investor.

See, I’m not your average analyst.

And I’m not a broker. Frankly, I don’t care for the general going on’s at the JSE.

I’m something of a market “geek”.

I’ve loved studying finance and the markets for as long as I can remember.

I didn’t have the luxury – or desire – to gamble with the bank’s money the way some brokers do with private investors’ accounts. Banks take protecting their own cash pile seriously.

Whereas your broker might glance at a shareholder brief before calling clients on the phone, I had to get under the skin of a company to do my evaluations... burrowing deep into the numbers... digging out hidden liabilities... beyond price to earnings ratios and the other standard smoke-and-mirrors myths some brokers love to swear by.

I learned quickly that to really know where your money’s going and get a return on that money, you have to do a full exploratory exam of a company’s books so thorough it would embarrass even a SARS auditor.

I use exactly those same techniques now when looking for investment opportunities. Just like the ones we’ve already talked about, and just like the other four opportunities I name in the copy of Retire Rich With Dividends I’d like to send you.

But remember...

With every one of these moves, you’ll need to act quickly...

Act now or your “paycheque” goes to someone else

Over the next few years, we’re looking at six “paycheques” doled out by the companies you’ll find named in your copy of Retire Rich With Dividends.

The next “paycheque” pay-out date you could be eligible for is just around the corner...

Act in time and qualify. Or wait and miss out.

Why miss the opportunity when you don’t have to?

Personally, I’d hate to see that happen. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do to help you decide to act on this quickly...

Discover the secret to “hands-free” investing

Annabel Koffman, Publisher of FSP Investment Research begged me to bring this opportunity into its inner circle of subscribers.

My network of top-level contacts has exploded. I’ve taken my readers to opportunities deep in unexplored pockets of the market... across South Africa...

My strategy lets us see gains more consistently.

I’m telling you this because I’d like you to share in this success.

We’re not banking their futures on the next high-flier.

Instead, I would rather lock in smart gains safely. Without sacrificing performance, but without taking risks we don’t need to take either.

I see most don’t bother with this approach. And I wish them all the luck in the world. But to be perfectly honest, there are very few companies strong enough to make it into my model portfolio.

And I sincerely believe you’re the kind of person who’ll appreciate that.

What I’m saying is simply this:

I believe we share the same ideals.

I take pride in the opportunity to bring big returns to readers who believe in my work.

And I’d love an opportunity share this work with you, too.

It’s that simple.

The undiscovered bargains... the rock-solid “lifetime stock” performers... the shockingly safe big growth opportunities... heavy-hitting income producers... you’ll find them all in this e-report.

Inside Retire Rich With Dividends, you find out how to become immediately eligible for at least six extra income “paycheques”... that could start arriving in your account months from today, and continue uninterrupted for as long as you’d like them to do.

One more thing...

Enjoy all this for a lifetime... guaranteed

Collecting the income “paycheques” I tell you about in your copy of Retire Rich With Dividends is so effortless you can literally do it while you sleep.

This kind of research report – complete with specific recommendations – usually runs well into thousands of rands. But, for FSP Invest subscribers, you’ll pay only R495... a massive discount off the full price.

Truly, it’s priced to sell... because time is of the essence. I don’t want to see you miss this opportunity – and this e-report is only available for a limited time. And, if you aren’t completely satisfied with this e-report, just let me know within 14 days of receiving the e-report and I’ll refund your money 100% – no questions asked.

You’ll discover that what you need to have in your portfolio is receive your regular “paycheques”.

I know that if you’re receiving this, you understand it’s simply imperative that you act now – and I want to make it as simple as possible for you to do so.

But I want your trial experience of the e-report I’ve promised you to feel effortless. That’s why I insist on making you this guarantee...

And, that’s why I’m happy to give you a chance to see what we do.

Let me hear from you soon, so I can rush you your e-report.

Knowledge bring you wealth,

Joshua Benton

Managing Editor, Real Wealth and the South African Investor

P.S. I promise you to give you six “automatic” income-boosting market moves. Send for your copy of Retire Rich With Dividends and you can be eligible for the next round of “paycheque” pay-outs. I hope to hear from you soon. And remember, that’s a repeating pay-out that could easily go up year after year.

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